Casa Millan


In order to start the search for the home or apartment of your dreams, we find it most effective when you create a list of your “must have’s” before we meet. This allows Casa Millan Realty to narrow down the potential homes and/or apartments that fit your needs. Throughout our 20 years of experience, we have learned that the buying process can lead us in many different directions and our job is to help focus you as the buyer and help make those tough decisions if it comes to being a bit more flexible with those “must have’s” that you originally thought were needed.

Fill out the “contact us” form to set up a meeting where we will provide you with our guidance and advice in how Casa Millan Realty can represent you as your Buyer’s broker. We are CBR (Certified Broker Representative’s) with the experience and knowledge to help you find the right place for the best price. We know this is a big decision in your life and do not believe in pressuring you into making a decision that you are not ready for. We are happy if you are happy. We believe the broker you choose should be a part of your team and we offer the personal touch in representing you that many others have forgotten.

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